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Legitimation and the Hidden Human Cost

The human cost of the employment sector that has grown from  lucative US military expenditures and weapons development can be seen today in the death count mounting in Gaza, which represents a population that is kept in a state referred to by Edward Said as ‘disspossession’. This is perhaps by design, legitimating weapons sales, that is, so Israel, a country […]

Research and Torture, deployment of surveillance and harassment technologies

Aspects regarding these key words can be found doing searches for professional material, as well as written works by, we may say activists, who have attempted to dispel the science fictional cloak that covers the reality of  what the military and related intelligence agencies are doing: synthetic telepathy post hypnotic suggestion, artificial telemetry based on EEG research […]

Torture, Experimentation and Remote Crimes with Impunity

The US Military and Intelligence Dirty Little Secret remote mind experimentation Nazi war criminals escape to the US with help from CIA. This was Operation Paperclip. The secret development of remote access and influence of the human mind, today’s torture experiments effects an unknown number of people. Questions:  1.  Was V-Tech Massacre part of CIA Remote […]