Legitimation and the Hidden Human Cost

The human cost of the employment sector that has grown from  lucative US military expenditures and weapons development can be seen today in the death count mounting in Gaza, which represents a population that is kept in a state referred to by Edward Said as ‘disspossession’. This is perhaps by design, legitimating weapons sales, that is, so Israel, a country under perpetual danger of frequent missle attacks and suicide bombings, is be maintained as a guarenteed market destination for America’s number one export: military armament, now being used to destroy hospitals, schools, and lives. Are the Israelis, as well as the palestinian civilians held hostage to an indeffinate destablization within the region, for the above stated purpose? A good question to ask the State Department of the US.

That is the human cost you can view, for it is visible on television, and has been for decades. The longest running American sponsored TV series, in my opinion. And like broadcast football, profitable, but unlike football, deadly.

In the US, biological, psychiatric, and medical experimentations and the resulting human cost, sponsored by the US military, Pentagon, and intelligence agencies, as well as other departments in government, are perhaps not as exciting as the Gulf War, or the Israeli and Palestinian conflict, so they are not reported, and seldom make headlines, yet they are going on today, and have a human cost.

These are atrocities, and have a certain datable history, and these dates have a presence well before the Human Radiation Experiments conducted on a great number of people during post war America. That timeline does continue to this day, inherating the practice of US researchers and departments of health, for example, who, breaching ethical standards to horrible degrees, with the Tuskeegee Syphilis Study, in which even children were infected with syphisis (congenitally), represented an effort to study the ongoing results of the disease kept untreated humans (See C. A. Ross, CIA Doctors, pg. 23, and link) The study is a recorded indication of departments and individuals in government at all levels using descrimination to target people of color for subject status.  This type of descrimination in the research of medicine and psychiatry happened in Nazi Germany. The Human Radiation Experiments within the US, which represented indescrimate experimentation, in 1994, were brought to executive attention, and investigated,  while the Taskegee Syphilis Study ended in early 1970s. Both represent the misuse of  people and resources in medicine and technology research, and fortunately they were stopped, though the exact accumulation of the human costs are unknown .

The atrocities performed by doctors, the CIA and related agencies and funding destinations, as well as branches of the military, in the name of advancing ‘science’ continues to this day, a major area of study, perhaps the most secretive, yet highly unethical, being that which grew from MK Ultra, to encompass technologies aimed at remote influence of the human mind. MK Ultra/Nazi Mind Control and related mind control and psychiatric experimentations have evolved, in what is today a  continuation of highly classified research into induced hypnosis of varying levels, behavioral and thought manipulation and control, remote physiological and neurological manipulation and influence. Incredible surviellance techologies, based on microwave and electromagnetic fields have gone hand in hand with technologies able to deliver skull penetrating frequencies, or energy, to erase the sovereignty of an individual, who could be used as a tool, a test subject, a political subject, or an object of mind control. It is with the surveillance technologies that the tests and researches of MK Ultra, may have been brought out of hospitals, safe houses, psyche wards, and into everyday life. If so, to what extent we may never know.

Such technologies are in use today (Colin A. Ross CIA Doctors pg. 105), and there may be an undisclosed number of subjects that are being used, in both atrocious as well as benign way, to test the abilities of these technologies, that are capable of interfering, influencing, and manipulating the functioning of the human organism, mentally, neurologically, as well as physiologically.  (See fifth paragraph in the following answer.com page: electromagnetic weapons and biochemcial effects for an introduction, and further resources found on links provided here )

To argue the point stated here concerning a hidden human cost, it is fact that the US military does use its own soldiers for experimentation, and furthermore, agencies of intelligence, guilty of harboring heinous NAZI war criminals under Operation Paperclip, refered also to as Projeck Paperclip, may be of a most unethical demeanor, as many of these scientists were medical doctors and psychiatrists conducting horrific experimenets on subjects in Nazi concentration camps. Some 1000 plus scientists, in the aftermath of WWII, were brought to America under careful care of the hosts (State Department, CIA, etc.) and some  performed experiments on human subjects within the US (see Link above).

It could be argued that an inheritance of sorts took place, one in which Nazi secrets were revived, or transformed, in work and research related to mind control. Such an inheritance obviously brought with it a need to ignore human rights, to the extent that some subjects are reduced to mere laboratory specimen status, just as in the Radiation Experiments and Tuskegee Syphilis Study. This writer would argue that the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, planned, in the writer of this text’s opinion, as human experimentation (and an act racism), predates the arrival of coddled Nazi medical doctors and scientists, to the shores of this supposed ‘great defender of freedom’, America, so this fact may highlight an everpresent need for increadible oversight to the mechanisms and activities of the departemnts of defense, fields of medicine, and intelligence.

A most recent report from the Washington Times concerning VA Hospitals (see below), highlights in this writers opinion, a deeper troubled military, with vast expenditures of advanced classified and declassifed weapondry, though sends women and men to war, with little concern for the misery, PTSD, suicides, and family and social fallout. The vast expenditures, sales, and networks of the military and wepaons contractors makes war inevitable. It is called legitimization, destablization, death and destruction, in the name of excess, power, control, and human greed, as well as a long sought after hidden agenda to harness the control of human populations, soldiers in battle, and individuals, by way of remote (hidden) technologies that can without detection, hinder, the natural sovereignty of the human being. The Nazi’s put efforts in such calling it Monarch Mind Control (R. Patton, Project Monarch ). The public today the world over, and in the US, is unknowing of the developments that have come from this 20th century military research, which today is in advanced stages.

The CIA began funding research via MK Ultra into ‘electronic stimulation and remote manipulation of the human brain’, in as early as the 1960s, and perhaps before. Subproject 119 ( of MKUltra) is stated by Dr. Colin A. Ross, as being the predecessor to today’s research and development operations aimed at non-lethal and electromagnetic technologies (Ross, CIA Doctors, pg.104) capable of influencing and manipulating the human’s mental and physical states. “Techniques of activation of the human organism by remote  electronic means” was the stated and documented purpose of MK Ultra subproject 119. (see C. A. Ross, CIA Doctors, pg. 104; Robert Becker, The Body Electric)  By the mid sixties, electrodes were being placed in the brains of individuals in many different research projects, by which directed responses were able to be acheived via remote operators (see Alex Constantine Brain Implant Victims).  In the 70s, research had already made it appearent that remote influence, interference and manipulation of the human organism’s physiological and mental (or psychological) states could be done without implants, via technologies using frequency, electromagnetic field and ultrasound. Satellite and ground based delivery is most certain, in my opinion, at a very highly advanced stage (see Synthetic Telepathy and Early Mind Wars by Richard Allen Miller, also read Bio-electrmagnetic Weapons, presented by Institute of Science in Society)   It should not be surprising that today technologies of incredible surveillance and mind control could be used and tested on individuals, outside of the laboratory and psychiatric hospitals, within society. In such a case, the some victims may be entirely unaware, while others are subjects of intense pervasive harassment and behavioral manipulation, in what may be aimed at what researchers did to patients in psychiatic hospitals decades ago in operations stemming from MK Ultra, namely, personality changes, creation of manchurian candidates, induced violence, induced psychosis, etc..  Now through remote technologies and psychological harassment (warfare) techniques, while the subject is isolated yet still within society, the tests could be conducted to run an entire gamet of the technologies capabilities, researching everything from remote interrogation or denegradion, humiliation, conditioning, trauma, and stress, to breaking the individual in an effort to manipulate behaviors for malicious ends, all by remote surveillance, and harassment. Such techniques can be found in cults, as well, and all follow to similar degree what is referred to in the work of Margaret Singer, Coercive Mind Control Tactics, presented on the Psychological Harassment website.

A good indication as to how far research has advanced is by familiarizing oneself with the work on electro-stimulation of the brain, and brain electrode implants. The linked page at the end of this sentence, the second article dated 1968, from Journal of Nervious and Mental, is written by Jose Delgado, M.D., entitled ‘Intercerebral Radio Stimulation in Completely Free Patients’ ( article Jose Delgado). The point that is of interest and note to the topic here, is the patient Julia, referred to in the article and photographed, is induced to violently attacking a wall, after a remote operator commands the remote control that sends signals (frequnecy) to differing regions of the electrode implanted patient’s brain. That was published research from 1968, and one can only imagine the point such research has brought us to. In other posts on this blog I have stated that remote access to the mind may be so advanced that one may never know if the trips to the doctor are due to targeting, or real organic problems. Non-lethal weapons and electromagnetic remote technology testing is certain to have a human cost.

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