Research and Torture, deployment of surveillance and harassment technologies

Aspects regarding these key words can be found doing searches for professional material, as well as written works by, we may say activists, who have attempted to dispel the science fictional cloak that covers the reality of  what the military and related intelligence agencies are doing:

Projects documented as fact, past and present, that have been aimed at firstly, accessing and interpreting the human organsm’s bodily and mental functioning, and secondly, manipulating, to one degree or another, the behavioral, mental states, and neuro-physiological function of the human organism, are numerous. The US military and intelligence has, according to scholarly reports, spent large sums of money and resources on the above stated technologies ( Colin A. Ross, CIA Doctors, also see links, reported interest and possibilities: Persinger’s article funding ex.:CIA and Tulane).

For most who may or may not be reading this, these research projects don’t overtly effect you, though, with the technologies and tactics researched in the name of developing techniques to create hypnotic assassins, stemming from MK ultra in post war America, the monies and research facilities broadened to encompass generalized research on mental and behavioral manipulation.  Atrocities from these researches, using government, that is tax payer, funds, can be found detailed in CIA Doctors (previously entitled Bluebird), by Colin A. Ross. It is written from the context of a physician, highlighting the reported and factual ethical breaches of doctors, research institutes, and hospitals, for CIA guided research into human behavorial manipulation, mind control, and other experiments. Resources are cited, and much comes from of documentation from congressional hearings, and FOIA results. Also, seminal works in the aftermath of the government exposure to CIA LSD testing/MK Ultra ( early 70s), such as Walter Bowart’s Operation Mind Control, do justice to exposing what was the heinous ancestor to today’s current technologies aimed at remote control, research, and access undermining  behavioral and mental sovereignty of the human individual. Easily accessed works, if one knows the authors, on electronic and electromagnetic research and human mind/behavioral research, by people and professionals connected to the US Armed Forces and Intelligence, offer some perspective as to what may be, or is, a hugely financed, and secretive program that not only is operational today, targeting civilians who are experimental organisms, but may be, or in the future, able influence mass populations.  It is one thing to develope technologies of the non-lethal nature aimed at crowd control, it is another thing to tamper with a person’s mental and physical functioning.

Attesting to what is being done, using incredible (science fiction like for most) surveillance technologies, psychological tactics and environmental manipulations, crimes from petty theft to outright freud, there is a program being orchestrated and conducted, as the subject lives a daily life, tortured and tormented, seemingly unnoticed. Behavioral modification, reducing the subject through  trauma stress, to a flustered, perpetually annoyed individual, while regular citizens compromise their morals, to create a reality where every association is contrived, and psychological programming is used to establish paranoia. This may be the legacy that comes from post war CIA crimes against humanity.

personal note: to the people using the few, or the many undisclosed subjects in the stated Covert Harassment/Gang Stalking, otherwise Electronic Mind Control: You are amoral humans to be equated with Nazi war criminals,

Further note: All who taunt, harass, do stupid scripted acts, have drugged me, stole from me, physically assaulted me in unprovoked assaults, all while the ‘researchers’ watch the tortured effects, via remote classified surveillance technologies, should know the true nature of what they are involved in. Law abiding citizens are being used by the CIA or related agnecies, to run a most secretive and technological program aimed at one individual, and perhaps others. This is corruption, of adults, children, public servants, etc.. They, those who plan and implement, torment with no remourse, making the US a dungeon perhaps worse then that of Saddam Hussain’s, for the victim who is discredited, defamed, surveilled, and assaulted, even in the privacy of his or her own home, while untterly isolated in a continual psychological program that invades, dehumanizes, and terrorizes, until death (according to programs described as covert harassment and gang stalking). Capabilities and effects see page 58 Appendix B: Richard Allen Miller’s Sythetic Telepathy and Early Mind Wars ) . I could not imagine ever participating in civilian psychological warfare for the development of what these programs obviously are aimed to do, namely, entertain psychopaths with security clearances, and test technologies. In evening they drive home to their suburban home, and never once state to their offspring what daddy does for a living. History repeating itself?

I hear from news reports and broadcasts almost daily of the misconduct and atrocities, in the name of national security, of the CIA, and related agencies. I have read that such entities, along with the Pentagon and the Defense Intelligence Agency, using large sums of money, have been developing and researching technologies aimed at remote manipulation and control of the human being, most likely, electromagnetic and other frequency based technologies. Such technologies are capable of undermining the mental stability, and influence the physiological functioning of human subjects (see Colin A. Ross, CIA Doctors). There are most certian to be test subjects for these programs, as indicated in the following: (also see chapter 9 and 10 of Colin A. Ross, CIA Doctors):

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