Torture, Experimentation and Remote Crimes with Impunity

The US Military and Intelligence Dirty Little Secret remote mind experimentation

Nazi war criminals escape to the US with help from CIA. This was Operation Paperclip. The secret development of remote access and influence of the human mind, today’s torture experiments effects an unknown number of people.


1.  Was V-Tech Massacre part of CIA Remote Mind Operation/Experimentation

2.  Are people today committed to psyche wards due to these experimentsThis writer can testify to the hienous torture conducted via classified  technologies, in the name of research into behavioral influence and control.  The numbers of subjects are unknown, as I have had difficulty confirming the existence of other victims (targets), but be certain, the information herein is true to one extent, and points in the direction of truth, in an effort to alert the American public of the crimes committed against myself, and others, by the US military (Pentagon special ops)and intelligence community.

  • One should not be fooled or misled by the terms research/control/ behavior/ weapons development/non-lethal.  Crime and torture are the presiding words.

The technologies are termed as follows: electromagnetic (EMF) weapons of surveillance and harassment, microwave weapons, non-lethal weapons, electronic mind control technology, psychoneurological technologies, psychotronics.

Personal note: The technologies this writer is familiar with, from the receiving end, are perhaps differing frequency, non-ionizing radiation, microwave, and ultra-sonic, among others, all having varying effects on mind and body, perception. The operation involving myself has been one of scripted associations and technologies of surveillance and harassment to influence, cause stress and trauma, and disorient life in general. Crimes go well beyond remote technologies and scripted ‘harassment’, to include medical and other frauds, theft, psychological programing (conditioning), isolation, etc..      

 Involuntary Human Experimentation using remote technology that enable the hidden (covert) undermining or influence of behavior and mental states, interpretation of thoughts, undermining of CNS, mental and bodily functions, sleep, and the destruction of health is a reality. Do an educated and disearning search and read on the material provided, here and other spcaes and places.

Read below and See:

In the following web page one will get an idea that some entities within a power structure is using involuntary individuals and subjecting them to mind influencing technology, just as they did to numbers of people in the 60s and 70s.

Becoming familiar with Operation Paperclip only brings to light the blatant lack of accordance to any humanitarian ethics within the organization this operation belongs to, so it would not be any surprise if this organization performs some of the cruelest and most heinous covert crimes against individuals, within developed world, in the name of advancing non-lethal, electromagnetic, and other frequency and ultra-sonic technology for research into social and mental control. All done with virtually no oversight, from anyone.

Recommend reading an article from New Dawn Magazine, entitled ‘Brain Zapping, (New Dawn article) ‘. Also from Federation of American Scientist, will give one an idea of what is declassified. What is classified is a technology that reduces the human to an around the clock organism of manipulation, computer to neural and body interface. When used in conjunction with tactical psychological harassment (covert harassment/gang stalking), and what has been termed orgainzed stalking, it is a torture unlike any the world has seen, remote influence to compel various behaviors, for reseach, and the joys of some very sick individuals within, or connected to intellignece.

Forerunners to today’s US Mind and Behavior experimentation using an unknown number of subjects, and totally covert, military directives to gag, and cover the crimes:      

  • Josef Mengele  
  •  Sidney Gottleib 
  • Heinrich Gross 
  • Ed Gein and other psychopathic killers, surely studied with eager enthusiasm by the people enrolled and running so called gang stalking operations (remote mind control torture).
  • Adolf Hitler they take their rule book notes from this guy, as long as its covert, disguised,and the victim is subordinated to the complex of victimhood, anything goes. The sicker, the better, for these folks! psychopaths with security clearences! 

Today the CIA, or related outsourced activities are responsible for heinous psychological and physical tortures, and other crimes that isolate a victim in a reality  of torment, 24/7. Social deprivation, remote influencing and interfering with mental and physical functioning, psychological programming, induced trauma and stress.  

Virginia Tech Massacre, was it an example of remote influence (electronic mind control)?  Articles below:  

The information is not circulated on mainstream or alternative media outlets, and is only mentioned on the airwaves, very seldom, and only on formats related to the paranormal and vanguard reporting, or by brave journalists not bound and gagged by the structures existing within broadcast media.




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