Legitimation and the Hidden Human Cost

The human cost of the employment sector that has grown from  lucative US military expenditures and weapons development can be seen today in the death count mounting in Gaza, which represents a population that is kept in a state referred to by Edward Said as ‘disspossession’. This is perhaps by design, legitimating weapons sales, that is, so Israel, a country under perpetual danger of frequent missle attacks and suicide bombings, is be maintained as a guarenteed market destination for America’s number one export: military armament, now being used to destroy hospitals, schools, and lives. Are the Israelis, as well as the palestinian civilians held hostage to an indeffinate destablization within the region, for the above stated purpose? A good question to ask the State Department of the US.

That is the human cost you can view, for it is visible on television, and has been for decades. The longest running American sponsored TV series, in my opinion. And like broadcast football, profitable, but unlike football, deadly.

In the US, biological, psychiatric, and medical experimentations and the resulting human cost, sponsored by the US military, Pentagon, and intelligence agencies, as well as other departments in government, are perhaps not as exciting as the Gulf War, or the Israeli and Palestinian conflict, so they are not reported, and seldom make headlines, yet they are going on today, and have a human cost.

These are atrocities, and have a certain datable history, and these dates have a presence well before the Human Radiation Experiments conducted on a great number of people during post war America. That timeline does continue to this day, inherating the practice of US researchers and departments of health, for example, who, breaching ethical standards to horrible degrees, with the Tuskeegee Syphilis Study, in which even children were infected with syphisis (congenitally), represented an effort to study the ongoing results of the disease kept untreated humans (See C. A. Ross, CIA Doctors, pg. 23, and link) The study is a recorded indication of departments and individuals in government at all levels using descrimination to target people of color for subject status.  This type of descrimination in the research of medicine and psychiatry happened in Nazi Germany. The Human Radiation Experiments within the US, which represented indescrimate experimentation, in 1994, were brought to executive attention, and investigated,  while the Taskegee Syphilis Study ended in early 1970s. Both represent the misuse of  people and resources in medicine and technology research, and fortunately they were stopped, though the exact accumulation of the human costs are unknown .

The atrocities performed by doctors, the CIA and related agencies and funding destinations, as well as branches of the military, in the name of advancing ‘science’ continues to this day, a major area of study, perhaps the most secretive, yet highly unethical, being that which grew from MK Ultra, to encompass technologies aimed at remote influence of the human mind. MK Ultra/Nazi Mind Control and related mind control and psychiatric experimentations have evolved, in what is today a  continuation of highly classified research into induced hypnosis of varying levels, behavioral and thought manipulation and control, remote physiological and neurological manipulation and influence. Incredible surviellance techologies, based on microwave and electromagnetic fields have gone hand in hand with technologies able to deliver skull penetrating frequencies, or energy, to erase the sovereignty of an individual, who could be used as a tool, a test subject, a political subject, or an object of mind control. It is with the surveillance technologies that the tests and researches of MK Ultra, may have been brought out of hospitals, safe houses, psyche wards, and into everyday life. If so, to what extent we may never know.

Such technologies are in use today (Colin A. Ross CIA Doctors pg. 105), and there may be an undisclosed number of subjects that are being used, in both atrocious as well as benign way, to test the abilities of these technologies, that are capable of interfering, influencing, and manipulating the functioning of the human organism, mentally, neurologically, as well as physiologically.  (See fifth paragraph in the following answer.com page: electromagnetic weapons and biochemcial effects for an introduction, and further resources found on links provided here )

To argue the point stated here concerning a hidden human cost, it is fact that the US military does use its own soldiers for experimentation, and furthermore, agencies of intelligence, guilty of harboring heinous NAZI war criminals under Operation Paperclip, refered also to as Projeck Paperclip, may be of a most unethical demeanor, as many of these scientists were medical doctors and psychiatrists conducting horrific experimenets on subjects in Nazi concentration camps. Some 1000 plus scientists, in the aftermath of WWII, were brought to America under careful care of the hosts (State Department, CIA, etc.) and some  performed experiments on human subjects within the US (see Link above).

It could be argued that an inheritance of sorts took place, one in which Nazi secrets were revived, or transformed, in work and research related to mind control. Such an inheritance obviously brought with it a need to ignore human rights, to the extent that some subjects are reduced to mere laboratory specimen status, just as in the Radiation Experiments and Tuskegee Syphilis Study. This writer would argue that the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, planned, in the writer of this text’s opinion, as human experimentation (and an act racism), predates the arrival of coddled Nazi medical doctors and scientists, to the shores of this supposed ‘great defender of freedom’, America, so this fact may highlight an everpresent need for increadible oversight to the mechanisms and activities of the departemnts of defense, fields of medicine, and intelligence.

A most recent report from the Washington Times concerning VA Hospitals (see below), highlights in this writers opinion, a deeper troubled military, with vast expenditures of advanced classified and declassifed weapondry, though sends women and men to war, with little concern for the misery, PTSD, suicides, and family and social fallout. The vast expenditures, sales, and networks of the military and wepaons contractors makes war inevitable. It is called legitimization, destablization, death and destruction, in the name of excess, power, control, and human greed, as well as a long sought after hidden agenda to harness the control of human populations, soldiers in battle, and individuals, by way of remote (hidden) technologies that can without detection, hinder, the natural sovereignty of the human being. The Nazi’s put efforts in such calling it Monarch Mind Control (R. Patton, Project Monarch ). The public today the world over, and in the US, is unknowing of the developments that have come from this 20th century military research, which today is in advanced stages.

The CIA began funding research via MK Ultra into ‘electronic stimulation and remote manipulation of the human brain’, in as early as the 1960s, and perhaps before. Subproject 119 ( of MKUltra) is stated by Dr. Colin A. Ross, as being the predecessor to today’s research and development operations aimed at non-lethal and electromagnetic technologies (Ross, CIA Doctors, pg.104) capable of influencing and manipulating the human’s mental and physical states. “Techniques of activation of the human organism by remote  electronic means” was the stated and documented purpose of MK Ultra subproject 119. (see C. A. Ross, CIA Doctors, pg. 104; Robert Becker, The Body Electric)  By the mid sixties, electrodes were being placed in the brains of individuals in many different research projects, by which directed responses were able to be acheived via remote operators (see Alex Constantine Brain Implant Victims).  In the 70s, research had already made it appearent that remote influence, interference and manipulation of the human organism’s physiological and mental (or psychological) states could be done without implants, via technologies using frequency, electromagnetic field and ultrasound. Satellite and ground based delivery is most certain, in my opinion, at a very highly advanced stage (see Synthetic Telepathy and Early Mind Wars by Richard Allen Miller, also read Bio-electrmagnetic Weapons, presented by Institute of Science in Society)   It should not be surprising that today technologies of incredible surveillance and mind control could be used and tested on individuals, outside of the laboratory and psychiatric hospitals, within society. In such a case, the some victims may be entirely unaware, while others are subjects of intense pervasive harassment and behavioral manipulation, in what may be aimed at what researchers did to patients in psychiatic hospitals decades ago in operations stemming from MK Ultra, namely, personality changes, creation of manchurian candidates, induced violence, induced psychosis, etc..  Now through remote technologies and psychological harassment (warfare) techniques, while the subject is isolated yet still within society, the tests could be conducted to run an entire gamet of the technologies capabilities, researching everything from remote interrogation or denegradion, humiliation, conditioning, trauma, and stress, to breaking the individual in an effort to manipulate behaviors for malicious ends, all by remote surveillance, and harassment. Such techniques can be found in cults, as well, and all follow to similar degree what is referred to in the work of Margaret Singer, Coercive Mind Control Tactics, presented on the Psychological Harassment website.

A good indication as to how far research has advanced is by familiarizing oneself with the work on electro-stimulation of the brain, and brain electrode implants. The linked page at the end of this sentence, the second article dated 1968, from Journal of Nervious and Mental, is written by Jose Delgado, M.D., entitled ‘Intercerebral Radio Stimulation in Completely Free Patients’ ( article Jose Delgado). The point that is of interest and note to the topic here, is the patient Julia, referred to in the article and photographed, is induced to violently attacking a wall, after a remote operator commands the remote control that sends signals (frequnecy) to differing regions of the electrode implanted patient’s brain. That was published research from 1968, and one can only imagine the point such research has brought us to. In other posts on this blog I have stated that remote access to the mind may be so advanced that one may never know if the trips to the doctor are due to targeting, or real organic problems. Non-lethal weapons and electromagnetic remote technology testing is certain to have a human cost.

Further Note

Links and references


Research and Torture, deployment of surveillance and harassment technologies

Aspects regarding these key words can be found doing searches for professional material, as well as written works by, we may say activists, who have attempted to dispel the science fictional cloak that covers the reality of  what the military and related intelligence agencies are doing:

Projects documented as fact, past and present, that have been aimed at firstly, accessing and interpreting the human organsm’s bodily and mental functioning, and secondly, manipulating, to one degree or another, the behavioral, mental states, and neuro-physiological function of the human organism, are numerous. The US military and intelligence has, according to scholarly reports, spent large sums of money and resources on the above stated technologies ( Colin A. Ross, CIA Doctors, also see links, reported interest and possibilities: Persinger’s article funding ex.:CIA and Tulane).

For most who may or may not be reading this, these research projects don’t overtly effect you, though, with the technologies and tactics researched in the name of developing techniques to create hypnotic assassins, stemming from MK ultra in post war America, the monies and research facilities broadened to encompass generalized research on mental and behavioral manipulation.  Atrocities from these researches, using government, that is tax payer, funds, can be found detailed in CIA Doctors (previously entitled Bluebird), by Colin A. Ross. It is written from the context of a physician, highlighting the reported and factual ethical breaches of doctors, research institutes, and hospitals, for CIA guided research into human behavorial manipulation, mind control, and other experiments. Resources are cited, and much comes from of documentation from congressional hearings, and FOIA results. Also, seminal works in the aftermath of the government exposure to CIA LSD testing/MK Ultra ( early 70s), such as Walter Bowart’s Operation Mind Control, do justice to exposing what was the heinous ancestor to today’s current technologies aimed at remote control, research, and access undermining  behavioral and mental sovereignty of the human individual. Easily accessed works, if one knows the authors, on electronic and electromagnetic research and human mind/behavioral research, by people and professionals connected to the US Armed Forces and Intelligence, offer some perspective as to what may be, or is, a hugely financed, and secretive program that not only is operational today, targeting civilians who are experimental organisms, but may be, or in the future, able influence mass populations.  It is one thing to develope technologies of the non-lethal nature aimed at crowd control, it is another thing to tamper with a person’s mental and physical functioning.

Attesting to what is being done, using incredible (science fiction like for most) surveillance technologies, psychological tactics and environmental manipulations, crimes from petty theft to outright freud, there is a program being orchestrated and conducted, as the subject lives a daily life, tortured and tormented, seemingly unnoticed. Behavioral modification, reducing the subject through  trauma stress, to a flustered, perpetually annoyed individual, while regular citizens compromise their morals, to create a reality where every association is contrived, and psychological programming is used to establish paranoia. This may be the legacy that comes from post war CIA crimes against humanity.

personal note: to the people using the few, or the many undisclosed subjects in the stated Covert Harassment/Gang Stalking, otherwise Electronic Mind Control: You are amoral humans to be equated with Nazi war criminals,

Further note: All who taunt, harass, do stupid scripted acts, have drugged me, stole from me, physically assaulted me in unprovoked assaults, all while the ‘researchers’ watch the tortured effects, via remote classified surveillance technologies, should know the true nature of what they are involved in. Law abiding citizens are being used by the CIA or related agnecies, to run a most secretive and technological program aimed at one individual, and perhaps others. This is corruption, of adults, children, public servants, etc.. They, those who plan and implement, torment with no remourse, making the US a dungeon perhaps worse then that of Saddam Hussain’s, for the victim who is discredited, defamed, surveilled, and assaulted, even in the privacy of his or her own home, while untterly isolated in a continual psychological program that invades, dehumanizes, and terrorizes, until death (according to programs described as covert harassment and gang stalking). Capabilities and effects see page 58 Appendix B: Richard Allen Miller’s Sythetic Telepathy and Early Mind Wars ) . I could not imagine ever participating in civilian psychological warfare for the development of what these programs obviously are aimed to do, namely, entertain psychopaths with security clearances, and test technologies. In evening they drive home to their suburban home, and never once state to their offspring what daddy does for a living. History repeating itself?

I hear from news reports and broadcasts almost daily of the misconduct and atrocities, in the name of national security, of the CIA, and related agencies. I have read that such entities, along with the Pentagon and the Defense Intelligence Agency, using large sums of money, have been developing and researching technologies aimed at remote manipulation and control of the human being, most likely, electromagnetic and other frequency based technologies. Such technologies are capable of undermining the mental stability, and influence the physiological functioning of human subjects (see Colin A. Ross, CIA Doctors). There are most certian to be test subjects for these programs, as indicated in the following: (also see chapter 9 and 10 of Colin A. Ross, CIA Doctors):

Other further links to read:

Torture, Experimentation and Remote Crimes with Impunity

The US Military and Intelligence Dirty Little Secret remote mind experimentation

Nazi war criminals escape to the US with help from CIA. This was Operation Paperclip. The secret development of remote access and influence of the human mind, today’s torture experiments effects an unknown number of people.


1.  Was V-Tech Massacre part of CIA Remote Mind Operation/Experimentation

2.  Are people today committed to psyche wards due to these experimentsThis writer can testify to the hienous torture conducted via classified  technologies, in the name of research into behavioral influence and control.  The numbers of subjects are unknown, as I have had difficulty confirming the existence of other victims (targets), but be certain, the information herein is true to one extent, and points in the direction of truth, in an effort to alert the American public of the crimes committed against myself, and others, by the US military (Pentagon special ops)and intelligence community.

  • One should not be fooled or misled by the terms research/control/ behavior/ weapons development/non-lethal.  Crime and torture are the presiding words.

The technologies are termed as follows: electromagnetic (EMF) weapons of surveillance and harassment, microwave weapons, non-lethal weapons, electronic mind control technology, psychoneurological technologies, psychotronics.

Personal note: The technologies this writer is familiar with, from the receiving end, are perhaps differing frequency, non-ionizing radiation, microwave, and ultra-sonic, among others, all having varying effects on mind and body, perception. The operation involving myself has been one of scripted associations and technologies of surveillance and harassment to influence, cause stress and trauma, and disorient life in general. Crimes go well beyond remote technologies and scripted ‘harassment’, to include medical and other frauds, theft, psychological programing (conditioning), isolation, etc..      

 Involuntary Human Experimentation using remote technology that enable the hidden (covert) undermining or influence of behavior and mental states, interpretation of thoughts, undermining of CNS, mental and bodily functions, sleep, and the destruction of health is a reality. Do an educated and disearning search and read on the material provided, here and other spcaes and places.

Read below and See: http://www.patrickcrusade.org/INVOLUNTARY_HUMAN.html

In the following web page one will get an idea that some entities within a power structure is using involuntary individuals and subjecting them to mind influencing technology, just as they did to numbers of people in the 60s and 70s. http://greyfalcon.us/Cia%20Nazis.htm

Becoming familiar with Operation Paperclip only brings to light the blatant lack of accordance to any humanitarian ethics within the organization this operation belongs to, so it would not be any surprise if this organization performs some of the cruelest and most heinous covert crimes against individuals, within developed world, in the name of advancing non-lethal, electromagnetic, and other frequency and ultra-sonic technology for research into social and mental control. All done with virtually no oversight, from anyone.

Recommend reading an article from New Dawn Magazine, entitled ‘Brain Zapping, (New Dawn article) ‘. Also from Federation of American Scientist, will give one an idea of what is declassified. What is classified is a technology that reduces the human to an around the clock organism of manipulation, computer to neural and body interface. When used in conjunction with tactical psychological harassment (covert harassment/gang stalking), and what has been termed orgainzed stalking, it is a torture unlike any the world has seen, remote influence to compel various behaviors, for reseach, and the joys of some very sick individuals within, or connected to intellignece.

Forerunners to today’s US Mind and Behavior experimentation using an unknown number of subjects, and totally covert, military directives to gag, and cover the crimes:      

  • Josef Mengele  
  •  Sidney Gottleib 
  • Heinrich Gross 
  • Ed Gein and other psychopathic killers, surely studied with eager enthusiasm by the people enrolled and running so called gang stalking operations (remote mind control torture).
  • Adolf Hitler they take their rule book notes from this guy, as long as its covert, disguised,and the victim is subordinated to the complex of victimhood, anything goes. The sicker, the better, for these folks! psychopaths with security clearences! 

Today the CIA, or related outsourced activities are responsible for heinous psychological and physical tortures, and other crimes that isolate a victim in a reality  of torment, 24/7. Social deprivation, remote influencing and interfering with mental and physical functioning, psychological programming, induced trauma and stress.  

Virginia Tech Massacre, was it an example of remote influence (electronic mind control)?  Articles below:  

The information is not circulated on mainstream or alternative media outlets, and is only mentioned on the airwaves, very seldom, and only on formats related to the paranormal and vanguard reporting, or by brave journalists not bound and gagged by the structures existing within broadcast media.



Programs of Psychological Harassment and Tech. Violence

If you do a search for the words gang

stalking youtube, there are more than 1300

videos devoted to this. Targeted persons

identifying the tactics of the stated above

psychological assault. Reality or

somethings else?

Search the sites, see Elenor White’s review

of David Lawson’s books, entitled Terror

Stalking, and Cause Stalking. Eventually,

you may stumble upon similar accounts,

if not the same, of activity and


but at this discovery one reads that citizens

spies are being established throughout the

country using average citizens. Facts may

remain that cruel acts, based, as only could

be possible, on

incredible surveillance technologies, and

around the clock monitoring.

Information may indicate that the

victimization is a vigilante force,

based on keeping people in line, and driving

potential social health hazards to kill

themselves, or become institutionalized in a

psychiatric hospital.

Searching using the following words will help to educate or misinform, though needless to say, something is going on:

Gang stalking, Cause Stalking, Covert Harassment, Electronic Mind Control, Targeted Individual Gang Stalking.

My Opinion

Of course, if reality is anything to be

checked, one might be

suspicious of an information resource that

is entirely open to

anyone, even a huge entity with large

resources who can

fund and support establishing a vast

number of claims

aimed at misinforming victims of

something that they want

to hide. To think that a growing criminal

enterprise is

established based on either addictions to cruel

acts of a

psychological nature, or some vigitante quest is difficult to imagine,

and that it is

world wide, even more so, I think.

Moreover, to think that

some extrajudicial system is being set up to

‘keep people in

line’ or push them to suicide or breakdown,

by harassing

them and degrading them on a daily basis,

might be true, if

we lived in a very, let us say, strange

fundamental religious state.

As for ‘ridding of social hazards’ I would

say, such

harassment programs could be

defined as social hazards as they have

perhaps have pushed ‘targets’ into

retaliations, or indiscriminate violence.

Furthermore, individual social hazards, I

would argue, are, to one extent or another,

enrolled in the ranks of the harassers,

manipulators, and agitators. If

anything, such programs would seek to

create social hazards. out of people

susceptible to manipulations

in established psychological undermining programs, while

having an inability to

defend themselves. Low self-esteem is factored in, perhaps,

in the susceptibility factor. Thus stated,

the internet does make the point to create, I think, a fiction

based on supposed revenge services, wrong place wrong time

scenarios, both leading to the belief of some huge criminal

enterprise based on harassment and torture. I know of

several such organizations that may fall into that category, though in

name only, replacing the word criminal with something else,

depending on what part of the world one finds themselves in. .

The fact of the matter is, criminal behavior seems to be

promoted, as people of all ages, become delinquent in a

moral sense, and cause considerable injury collectively. If I

might add a cent or two to knowledge of this

vast ‘community of targeted individuals’ that ‘exists’ on the

internet, I would say that no one is

keeping anyone in line,

and that the intent, to one extent or another, of the

‘information flood’ of

reported ‘gang stalking’, is to misinformation

to hide facts

about something that might be happening,

but to fewer

people than reported, though others may

argue otherwise. I only say this due to the possibility

that it may be true.

Youtube videos and websites and blogs

abound concerning

gang stalking. The term itself,

canonized by who, I don’t

know, is a term that just does not do justice

to the acts

described in the protocols that seem to be

inflicted on

targeted individuals, or subjects of whatever it is.

Cointelpro and MK


are two items of past congressional inquiry,

that anyone

interested in the supposed gang stalking,

should read up on.

To think that people are purchasing mind

control frequency devices,

surveillance of victims so that they can

stage fun, but cruel

harassment, or that they are using cruelty

24/7 to keep someone in

line, is absurd! Many would agree with me.

Isolation alone, extended and with all the

traits described

with this, would cause calamity,

desperation, and perhaps

drive someone into excesses in search for

relief from stress

and trauma. Results may lead to violence or

revenge, not to

mention strain on people associated with

the individual

who is victim.

  • The Social Hazard: Programs of Psychological Harassment and Tech. Violence

After living the program of trauma and stress inducing factors, humiliations, mocking, isolation, and loss of autonomy and human rights, an individual after years of daily almost 24/7 technologically based surveillance and harassment, the fight for psychological stability will give way to something, either suicide, drug or alcohol addiction, and most definitely mental illness, chronic depression, and post traumatic stress disorder.

If anything, such a program would likely


the victim to chaotic behavior, and perhaps indiscriminate

rage, if only after years. No mercenary groups or civilian

spies, just locals asked to perform all sorts of cruel and

dehumanizing acts, while voyeurs  watch as their

psychological script is played out, from the latest in high

tech classified surveillance technology, which is bought by who????? (you tax dollars, research funds into remote mind manipulation.  

A virtual reality created on the internet, with faces to see

and videos to watch, making it all that much more real, to the

person suffering from a most atrocious and debilitating exercise by

people powerful enough to enroll anyone they need, from teacher to

service worker, businesses, pastors, and people of all ages and

ranks. If anything, it is a corruption and deceit on the community,

to push otherwise law abiding citizens into cruel acts, using perhaps

criminal and yet reformed offenders, to break and enter, cause

physical harm, and to manipulate the victim and push them to

desperation. The internet is one of the best resources for deception,

as criminal behaviors, with intents to harm, prey, stalk, cheat,

defraud, have converged on it. From child molesters to identity

thieves, and with no exemptions or absence of liars to scam

artists, a virtual reality to trap the onlooker, who in this case

is socially isolated, and suffering perhaps from searching

desperately for anyone to confirm what is strangely and crippling.

anything can be painted in the mind using the internet, such

as a vast network of criminally

minded common folk addicted to psychological harassment, or an

epidemic of red guards who are turning North America into a covert

police state. Not too many people are prone

to believing this. It may be virtual reality

saved for those who are being used for

some highly classified

purposes, and this is only my opinion.

Who is the person to find the websites and reproted claims of gang stalking? Perhaps a person who’s life has change incredibly, and who’s mental state has been altered to a point where they cannot collect themselves, while all that is evidenced through the TACTICS described in what is said to be gang stalking, causes near total alienation and isolation.

Organized stalking, gang stalking, covert harassment:

(see movie Parallax View and Arlington Road two movies about proxy terrorism, and to one extent or another, may or may not shed light on the reality of covert harassment that is said on some sites to cause targets to lose control and commit acts of violence ).


Citizen spy network is one thing, but cruel heinous acts to dehumanize, and plunge an individual into rage and violence, is something entirely different. If anything, spies would be used to identify the use of criminally minded, as well as law abiding citizens in what is described as gang stalking, to counter the sickness hidden in what is claimed an inescapable deception on community and freedom.

The reviewer of the Lawson book even makes some contesting points regarding conclusions stated. The resources above, and the book and review, are very good for understanding much of the tactical elements in psychological harassment of this type. My only contesting point, with due respect, is I believe that civilian spies are not needed when invasive technology is able to provide surveillance of the victim, who is assaulted near 24/7, with the covert form of torture, for years on end, where ever they go. Vigilante stalkers, if in existence, would be getting rid of some, not all, of the very people enrolled to harass, as well as confidants who may be established to trick the ‘target’ and manipulate targets into set ups leading to theft or other misfortunes, or coax them into gambling, partying, or anything the program seeks to use for the initial discrediting. Reducing an individual through social isolation and defamation of character, to run a psychological operation aimed at perfecting and testing influencing and undermining devices aimed, at the mind and body, is what this is (my opinion or assessment). The people doing this do not need so many subjects (targets). Widespread ‘gang stalking’ is just a myth, a band wagon, or something incredibly real and horrible.

  1. One last note of opinion:

All resources for validation regarding what is happening will be sabotaged through the entire extent of the assault, be it spiritual or professional, perhaps, though, legal avenues may be a resort, if these exercises gain some attention considerably in Washington. The voices concerning this on the internet discourage in every way recourse to the FBI, with stated unsuccessful tries by perhaps supposed as well as actual ‘targets’. Every effort will be made to cause the target to be discredit by making complaints that will sound far fetched, or a manipulation for the target to have a bit of institutionalization may be enough for the FBI to disregard. Thus said, crimes are crimes, ignoring a crime like this, or any would be inhumane.